Welcome to RecipeKick!  
Welcome to RecipeKick!  

Welcome to RecipeKick!  

Culinary education, with friends, for home cooks

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Cooking from the Hip, For Good

Whether you’re looking for a sidekick in cooking through recipes or you’re ready to kick recipes to the curb, RecipeKick is here to help you discover your culinary groove.  

From 20-minute quick skill brush-ups to proofing, marinating, and carving adventures RecipeKick has you covered.

We understand that cooking is not just about sustenance; it can and should be a pleasure.  While we respect recipes, we're all about pushing boundaries and leading the charge with our Courageous Cooking® Method, our decidedly recipe-free, proprietary approach.

With RecipeKick, you're not just gaining skills; you're gaining the confidence to turn everyday ingredients into extraordinary dishes, all from the comfort of your own home kitchen. 

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Cooking with RecipeKick is joyful, as all cooking should be

Dive into a world of culinary creativity, laughter, and delicious discoveries. With expert guides and fellow joy seekers by your side. Our library of over 100 hours of recorded classes (and growing!) is a treasure trove to unlock a world of flavors, techniques, and culinary delights right at your fingertips. Our kitchen is a space where we embrace the delightful dance of flavors, savor the aroma of creativity, and uncover the magic of joyful cooking.


Let your intuition reign supreme

In our kitchen, every dish becomes a canvas for your culinary instincts to flourish. Our Courageous Cooking® Method empowers you to trust your intuition in the kitchen, guiding you to create delectable dishes with confidence. Believe in your inner chef, trust your senses, and embrace the magic of intuitive cooking. The most extraordinary recipes are those born from the heart, where each ingredient is a brushstroke of your inner artist.


United in community and our shared love of cooking

A thriving community of culinary enthusiasts from around the globe united by a shared love for cooking. We gather around the table to celebrate the joy of creating and savoring delicious dishes. With our daily live classes you can discover, connect, and grow with us—because in our kitchen, the heart of the community is where the best recipes are born.

RecipeKick and the Courageous Cooking Method has completely changed the way I cook. 5 stars!

Hands down, I am a different cook today than I was a year ago, when I started on this journey. Truly, life-changing.

When I had a chance to join the online school I jumped on it. For me, this is a community of folks who love to talk all things food! 

I love the diversity of classes and the uniqueness of each instructor. Each one has a story to tell with their food.

I really appreciate how the chefs are always available for questions on this journey.

I love the instructors dishes, but most of all their enthusiasm and individual approach to cooking. I feel like that is invaluable!

I have enjoyed using all the new techniques that I have learned from this program. My dishes seem to be that much better. Thank You!! Looking forward to learning more.

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Each week in May we are offering a FREE livestream. Cook-a-long with your favorite chefs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a recipe resistor, cookbook confident, or a recipe-free revolutionary.  We’ve got a class for you. We welcome everyone from bashful baker, courageous cooks, shrinking chefs, brave broilers, and reserved roasters.

Where should I begin? How do I get started? What do I do first?

Welcome to RecipeKick! You can join any upcoming class livestream for just $6.99.  You can also watch any replay from our class library for just $1.99 for a 24-hour rental or you can own the class $6.99 for unlimited online viewing :)

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Is there a place where I can chat with the instructors and ask them questions or share ideas with other people?

Absolutely. We have a sizzling hot online community here. It’s a perfect place to talk chop (hehe, get it…chop, not shop) with all of our instructors, other members, and even Makenna and Kendall!  Make new friends, share what you made, what you’re struggling with, get honest recommendations on gadgets, join our book club, and more. The Community feature is included for all our current members.

Enrollment is currently closed but will re-open soon. Sign up to be notified here! 

How often are there livestreams?

We host free cooking livestreams multiple times a week with instructors literally around the world. Check out our schedule and easily register for classes and add them to your own calendar.

I missed the livestream, can I see the recording somewhere?

Sure, don’t fret, you have options: you can rent the recording for $1.99 for 24 hours, purchase it for $6.99 and watch it later at your convenience.

What culinary tools do I need?

All our classes focus on different foods and flavors. If you don’t have a certain tool or doodad, no problem, there’s almost always a workaround. Likewise, if you are curious about which thingamajiggy works best for something, bring it up in the Community section, folks frequently give their personal recommendations on kitchen gadgets.

Is there an app I can use on my phone?

Not yet, our service can be accessed on most internet-enabled devices. Please add this url to the favorites on your browser at RecipeKick: LIvestreamed cooking classes from chef's kitchens to your home