Welcome to the Courageous Cooking School
Welcome to the Courageous Cooking School

Welcome to the Courageous Cooking School

An online cooking school for recipe-free renegades and wannabes alike, home cooks looking to think more like chefs, and chefs who want to expedite their flavor development skills in a joyful, expansive environment.

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This is the way cooking school is meant to be.

You don’t need a seasoned French chef threatening to bludgeon you with a KitchenAid® for not knowing how to properly julienne a carrot. Or a teacher to grimace when they taste your final purée only to jettison it on the wall exclaiming "NOT SMOOTH ENOUGH!  AGAIN!"  (Ask us how we know.)

What you do need, however, are the foundations in which all great cooking stems from:

  1. Building a repertoire of techniques and approaches that can be utilised across a wide variety of applications and flavours.  

  2. Building on that repertoire, and learning how to trust yourself in the kitchen, and knowing how to move through it in an almost flow-like state. 

  3. Knowing that the best recipes  (for you) come from your intuition, not a cookbook.

  4. The awareness that cooking, like eating, is an act of pleasure and should be treated accordingly.

  5. That recipes are marvelous and have their place (we're not a recipe-free only school.  We sometimes teach to recipes too.  BUT we're a recipe-free forward school, as we lead from the Courageous Cooking® Method.  

With the Courageous Cooking® School method you’ll gain this and so much more.


What we are all about

Hello! I'm Makenna Held, CEO of Okay, Perfect, & Co-Founder of the Courageous Cooking® School. Join me and hundreds of courageous cooks, like yourself, inside the Courageous Cooking School today.

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What our members are saying

Janet Muniz

When I had a chance to join the online school I jumped on it. For me, this is a community of folks who love to talk all things food, wine, respecting the Earth and her bounty...and there's more. I just love learning from everyone and trying out what I learn. 

Lainey J.

I have developed confidence to make dishes my own. Whether using a recipe as a base and adjusting it or designing my own dish based on ingredients in my pantry I now expand the dish using complements and contrasts. I use flavors and spices I never have before. I enjoy the art of cooking more. @laineyjri

Allison Kent

I can't believe it's officially been three years since joining the online cooking school. I had hoped to grow in cooking instinctively- and that has definitely been the reality! It's exciting to see the growth and changes coming. @ak_thehomekitchen

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This is the option for you if you're feeling a little spicy!

Get everything in our monthly membership + a spice (from our friends at Curio Spice) shipped to your home each month! 

The Courageous Cooking School is a recipe-free forward educational space.

This doesn't mean we hate recipes, never use them, or think that recipes don't have a place in the kitchen.  They absolutely do! And we so very appreciate their place, and heck, many of our instructors even love writing them/collecting them in cookbooks. 

Recipes and most culinary education is grounded in rote memorisation or procedural-step-following educational pedagogues.  While our core pedagogy is built-on experiential, discovery-based education models.  While so many people say 'cooking is art, and baking is science', even in baking you have to make adjustments from recipes depending on certain factors.  What we love to do at the Courageous Cooking School is blend the two, lean more heavily on discovery and intuition, and use procedure/recipes to support overall learning.  (Because they both have a place and serve a purpose in the kitchen)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a subscription plan?

There are three membership options.

The free membership gives you access to: The entire welcome series and part one of Introduction to Foundations; Makenna (our CEO and fearless leader) & Kendall's (our culinary director) video on the courageous cooking method (while they make gazpacho, yum!); Recorded classes including rosemary jalapeño chicken; duck frites; zucchini alla scapece, huevos rancheros, easy macarons (new recordings added monthly); access to occasional live classes (of our choosing) taught by our chefs and cooks directly from their kitchens around the world; plus access to our community. 

Monthly and annual members gives you access to UNLIMITED, live classes and recorded content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On average we produce 7 live classes each week. Additionally we're adding new, recorded content monthly. Members also get access to our community of like minded chefs, cooks and students ensuring all your burning, kitchen questions get answered. 

The annual subscription gives access to all the above mentioned content + access to Curio Spice's secret spice society. A special treat from your friends at the Courageous Cooking School. 

Can I cancel any time?

Yes! You can cancel your monthly membership at any time and your subscription will end upon completion of that month's cycle.

Is there an app I can use on my phone?

Not yet (but it's coming soon!!), our service can be accessed on most internet-enabled devices. Please add this url to the favorites on your browser at https://courageouscookingschool.com/sign_in

Can I sign up for just one class?

Nope! Classes are reserved for members only. Sign up for a free trial today.