The Courageous Cooking Method

The Courageous Cooking Method is an innovative approach to culinary education, conceived by our founder, Makenna Held.  Developed over a number of years, Makenna and Chris Nylund (they're married) took the idea and turned it into a proven pedagogy.  Now expertly taught by our culinary director, Kendall Lane and other instructors. It prioritizes intuition and creativity over rigid recipe adherence.

Unlike traditional culinary education, which often relies on memorization and strict step-by-step instructions, our core philosophy is rooted in experiential and discovery-based learning.

At RecipeKick we strive to harmonize the two aspects of cooking and baking—the art and the science—emphasizing discovery and intuition while utilizing procedures and recipes to enhance overall cooking knowledge.

The Courageous Cooking Method isn't just conceptual—it's accessible. It empowers you to think like a chef, fast-tracking flavor development and culinary understanding. While it won't instantly turn you into a kitchen wizard, it will grant you the confidence to explore the market's intriguing ingredients and craft delightful meals without a recipe's constraints.

We want to clarify that this doesn't mean we disregard recipes, never use them, or believe they have no place in the kitchen. On the contrary, we greatly value their role and appreciate their significance. Many of our instructors are enthusiastic about creating, collecting, learning and cooking from recipes, recognizing their essential place in the culinary world.

The Courageous Cooking Method nurtures your culinary intuition. It enables you to listen closely to your inner food guide, allowing you to create dishes tailored to your palate and mood. With a strong conceptual foundation, you won't just think it might work; you'll know it'll work.

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