About RecipeKick

RecipeKick, an Okay, Perfect brand, is a live-streamed, mostly recipe-free cooking platform reigniting the love affair between home cooks and their kitchens. Formerly the Courageous Cooking School, the RecipeKick platform boasts nearly 1,000 members (and growing daily!) and 10,000 minutes of quality content. 

Our instructors lead sessions where students learn foundational techniques, flavors, and principles - not rigid steps. We call it the Courageous Cooking Method, and it's all about embracing what's seasonal and abundant, whether from the farmer's market or your fridge. This approach helps cooks gain skills and the freedom to trust their intuition.

With new classes added almost daily, there's always something fresh simmering in the RecipeKick kitchen. So if you want to fall back in love with your kitchen and cooking, come join the RecipeKick community. We're helping home cooks and experienced chefs everywhere rediscover the magic and meaning that happens when good food and good company come together around the table.

Makenna Held: Owner and founder of Okay, Perfect, RecipeKick’s parent company. Which encompasses a production company, the experience at La Peetch (Julia Child’s Provencal home),  RecipeKick, and more. Makenna is an entrepreneur, chef, advocate for human-centered business, and star of La Pitchoune: Cooking in France: which follow the joys, and tribulations of the recipe-free cooking school team and guests. Herself a Le Cordon Bleu grad, cooking instructor right here on RecipeKick (check out this caprese class, yum!), and author of Mostly French—available in 2025 wherever books are sold! 

Kendall Lane: Culinary Director, Executive chef, and lead flavor expert at RecipeKick and the in-person Courageous Cooking School in France. She’s a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, and spent 15 years traipsing the world from Michelin-Starred kitchens in Paris and Southwest France, to opening butcher shops in the United States. A master charcutier, butcher, and lover of curing meats and fermenting tasty foods. Kendall is also the star of La Pitchoune: Cooking in France: a docu-series currently streaming on the Magnolia App, Discovery+, HBO Max, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Instructors worldwide: Combined, our instructors have taught thousands of students in-person and online, in countries all over the world. French, American classic, Creole, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, and more, our mix of former Michelin-starred chefs, culinary school grads, and talented, successful self-taught home cooks are experts in cuisines and techniques from around the world. Bonus, we are always adding and partnering with new instructors… some whose names you might recognize! 

Our Community: With nearly 1,000 active members (and growing!) our community brings together a diverse range of culinary perspectives, traditions, and expertise. Whether you're a beginner looking to pick up new skills or a seasoned chef hoping to experiment with new flavors, our community has something for everyone. We provide a space where our members can trade kitchen tips, troubleshoot recipes, and learn from each other in a welcoming, collaborative environment. So, join the RecipeKick community today and be part of a supportive group of cooks striving to make memorable meals and meaningful connections through food.