About the Courageous Cooking School

It’s an experience. It’s education. It’s community. And dare we say a way of life?

The Courageous Cooking™ School online is a recipe-free (mostly), culinary educational experience, which is truly just a fancy way of saying we’re about reigniting the love affair between you and food.

Remember when you were a kid and you pulled together every spice, sauce, and yogurt you could find and mixed it all together because you were “cooking”.

Okay, what you made probably tasted horrible back then, but you were listening to your own guiding principles, moving around the kitchen in a way that felt right, and doing it all without ever being afraid of the outcome.

Now take that same feeling and combine it with a beautiful teaching process (tested by our Chefs, Cooks, and Curriculum Director) and you have the Courageous Cooking School.

The goal of the Courageous Cooking School? To teach anyone, and yes we mean ANYONE, to cook from the hip and develop the skills that will make cooking pleasurable for years to come. How do we know?  We’ve taught over 400 people in-person and now we’re teaching hundreds online. 

Because if you can take more pleasure in dinner, then the rest of life starts to feel extra delicious.

The Courageous Cooking School online offers 50+ hours of live instruction (recorded for your convenience) each month plus in depth education on our proprietary courageous cooking method. Join us today!