Culinary Adventures for the Curious & Courageous Cook
Culinary Adventures for the Curious & Courageous Cook

Culinary Adventures for the Curious & Courageous Cook

Curated from Scratch by the team that brought you The Courageous Cooking School at La Pitchoune 

Lean in and savour...

Pull up a chair, we've set a place just for you.  

We've chilled the wine, we've stoked our hearth, and brought a pot to a boil.  We're chopping, we're prepping, we're together in the kitchen, gleefully preparing the next meal.   The air is laced with spice, herb, and blossoms.  

This moment is an opportunity to step out of the ordinary, and into something utterly unique, curated just for you.  A blink of time to open your eyes, and embrace a new landscape.  To laugh with abandon over a cooking pot with new and returning friends.   To transform ourselves much the same way we transform ingredients.  To take all the pieces and put them together in a new way, hopefully even more delicious and unexpected than before.  

To disconnect from the hustle and bustle of 'life back home' and reconnect to break bread with strangers, who soon become life-long friends.  To center joy each step of the way, and with reckless abandon.  

Join us in a new place, or a place you've been but can discover anew.  Meet us in vineyards, restaurants, new countries, villas; or on estates, private islands, or catamarans. Join us on a RecipeKick Adventure.  


Dive into Our Perfectly Crafted Itineraries

Every trip we plan is crafted to maximise learning, travel, and relaxation.  Each day you'll experience a little bit of both.  We've found an ideal cadence, that will soon become your favorite way to experience travel.  30% of our clients return every. single. year. for a trip.  In fact, our Chief Educational Officer, and lead trip planner Anna Barab started as a client.  After FOUR trips with us, she joined the team.


We take the roads less traveled by

Every adventure is curated by an expert team of culinarians, chefs, avid travelers, and people with deep connections to the locale we're visiting.  We craft each itinerary from a place of play, joy, and deep love of slow, place-based travel.  Our adventures are truly impossible to replicate, each of our visits are unique to our group, our connections, our purveyors and the deep relationships we've built with them over the years.  

There are no typical itineraries here.


Luxury without pretension

We call our approach high-end homey hospitality. All the luxury, none of the fuss.  Every detail is attended to, but without the fear of 'What would Miss Manners say?!"  Handpicked accommodations you won't find anywhere else.   From Julia Child's La Pitchoune and neighbouring Simone Beck's Bramafam; to Private Luxury Catamaran's in idyllic turquoise waters; to hand-made, only-accessible-by-boat resort buyouts where every person is there to connect with like-minded food lovers; to private islands in pristine lagoons away from the typical bustle of tourist-centred Venice.

Our locations are hand-picked, vetted, and adored.  No two trips are exactly alike, but every one will be exactly what you didn't even know you needed.